Vegas Is Tripping Predicting Steelers With Only Nine Wins

Look..I get it. The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most hated on franchises in the National Football League. Why? Because they do things the right way, something at least 75% of these organizations just can’t comprehend.

Along with them you have “know-nothing” media personalities like Fox Sports leading man, Colin Cowherd stirring the pot. The same Cowherd who predicted the Steelers as going 7-9 last season. But now it looks as though that Las Vegas wants to jump on the “Hater Train” for some strange reason.

Vegas Sports book aficionado, William Hill did the unthinkable, setting the over/under for every team in the NFL. Placing Pittsburgh as coming out with just nine(9) wins, in a now seventeen(17) game season. Something myself..and ESPN’s trash talker and fellow Steelers fan, Stephen A. Smith finds hard to so eloquently stated in the video below.

Is he wrong? Better yet, am I wrong? Other than the Vegas Book prediction last year where they bottomed out. Predicting a 9-7 record which they clearly surpassed, finishing 12-4. But like my Pops used to tell me..”Guido isn’t right all the time.” Which is probably why my pops is a millionaire, and those who go with the grain are jumping off buildings.

Listen, the Steelers are bringing back the same “Top Ranked” defense minus a couple of SNL Players. But the also had the tenacity to bring back Big Time Players like Tyson AluAlu, and Vince Willaiams. But yet Colin seems to think our organization is fading. Really? Than why are players returning for less money?

Long story short, anyone who believes that the Pittsburgh Steelers will have nine(9) or even less wins this season, bet the farm. Because I would love moving that farm to of charge! #HereWeGo

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