Get To Know PSU TE Pat Freiermuth AKA: “Baby Heath”..F*** Gronk

NO! I refuse to call him “Baby Gronk”.. because basically I can’t stand the original Gronk. But I will label him as “Baby Heath”..because he now plays for us!

Penn State University tight end, Pat Freiermuth was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in Round 2(55) of the 2021 NFL Draft. A pick a lot of people didn’t expect, and one a lot of Pittsburgh fans didn’t understand. Obviously because they haven’t been paying attention to our TE depth chart minus Vance McDonald(retired), and Eric Ebron(alone)..until now.

Freiermuth received nearly 20 scholarship offers as a four-star TE recruit after starring as a multi-position player coming out of Brooks High School in Massachusetts back in 2018. He was an All-State high school linebacker who contributed as a receiver and rusher on the other side of the ball.

Notice that every time a first down was needed on a 3rd down, who was there to deliver. Exactly! Freiermuth! Just like Miller was there for the Steelers, plus he is a product of Pennsylvania. What more can you ask for?

Josh is exactly right. So sick and tired of these fans who “NEVER” played a single down of football except on Madden, think that they know the inner workings. When fact is, they don’t even know their penises, even though they talk to them daily.

You know what? If I have to explain to you how important a player is for the Pittsburgh Steelers, you should not be a Steelers fan at all! I’m really getting tired of having to explain why players are picked. But I will continue to do so, since some of you have no idea.


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