SNR Broadcaster Tunch Ilkin Retires To Focus On Treatment

Drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelersin the 6th round at the 165th pick in the 1980 NFL Draft, the 6’3″..263 lb. offensive tackle Tunch Ilkin would still be a perfect fit today. But after being diagnosed with ALS last year, the player/broadcaster has decided to call it quits.

Missed? Of course, because Ilkin brought knowledge, fight and class to the field as well as the broadcast both and/or sidelines. Those who are too young to know about Tunch, google him up. Because I was raised to know my Steelers history.

12+1(I put 12+1 because the total is a bad number) years with the Pittsburgh, 176 games, starting 143 of those game is absolutely nothing to sneeze at. Especially when you think of the era that Ilkin used to play in.

This meaning the (minus Goodell/Brady age) when men were men. Not quarterback pansies and commissioners trying to defile the game with scandals.

Thoughts and prayers going out to Tunch Ilkin and his family. Hope to see you healthy and back on SNR someday soon. #HereWeGo

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