Najee Harris Will Prove Haters And “So-Called” NFL Experts Wrong

Photo courtesy of The Draft Wire..USA Today

I honestly still don’t know why Pittsburgh Steelers fans and “so-called” NFL Experts can believe otherwise. Because Alabama running back, Najee Harris was meant to play for the Black & Gold. And Good Morning Football’s, Nate Burleson hit it out of the park explaining why.

The last time Pittsburgh’s head coach, Mike Tomlin drafted a running back in the first round of the NFL Draft was back in 2008 when he drafted Rashard Mendenhall with the 23rd pick. That season he went on to win Super Bowl XLIII with the Steelers.

In Mendenhall’s four(4) years in the league..three(3) with Pittsburgh, he accumulated 4,236 yards on 1,081 carries with 37 touchdowns. Racking up nearly 1,000 yards and 4 touchdowns a season. Yet he is considered a bust because he moved on with other aspects of his life?

But it goes further than the drafting of Mendenhall to Pittsburgh, especially when analysts claim that running backs picked in the first round usually don’t pan out. Tell that to Jerome Bettis, who may have been drafted by the Los Angeles Rams, but a first round pick nonetheless. Only to win a Super Bowl with what team?

When you see him on the football field, he’s the modern NFL power back,” Bettis said via “He has the speed, he’s got the power, but he also has the hands to get out of the backfield. And make plays outside of that offensive line. That’s going to really help the Steelers in terms of the passing game but, most importantly, I think that their commitment to running the football is going to return. I think that because they have to understand: if you don’t run the football, you’re not going to win.”

Now who are you going to believe? Some Facebook General Manager or NFL Analyst who never played the game of football..except on Madden, or the 8th All-Time Leading Rusher and NFL Hall of Famer, Jerome “THE BUS” Bettis?

Mark my words, Najee Harris will make and immediate impact for the Steelers as a versatile three(3) down back. With his strength, speed, vision plus pass catching abilities out of the prediction is as such:


987 Yards Rushing..11 Touchdowns

573 Yards Receiving..6 Touchdowns

So it is written. #HereWeGo

Get To Know PSU TE Pat Freiermuth AKA: “Baby Heath”..F*** Gronk

NO! I refuse to call him “Baby Gronk”.. because basically I can’t stand the original Gronk. But I will label him as “Baby Heath”..because he now plays for us!

Penn State University tight end, Pat Freiermuth was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in Round 2(55) of the 2021 NFL Draft. A pick a lot of people didn’t expect, and one a lot of Pittsburgh fans didn’t understand. Obviously because they haven’t been paying attention to our TE depth chart minus Vance McDonald(retired), and Eric Ebron(alone)..until now.

Freiermuth received nearly 20 scholarship offers as a four-star TE recruit after starring as a multi-position player coming out of Brooks High School in Massachusetts back in 2018. He was an All-State high school linebacker who contributed as a receiver and rusher on the other side of the ball.

Notice that every time a first down was needed on a 3rd down, who was there to deliver. Exactly! Freiermuth! Just like Miller was there for the Steelers, plus he is a product of Pennsylvania. What more can you ask for?

Josh is exactly right. So sick and tired of these fans who “NEVER” played a single down of football except on Madden, think that they know the inner workings. When fact is, they don’t even know their penises, even though they talk to them daily.

You know what? If I have to explain to you how important a player is for the Pittsburgh Steelers, you should not be a Steelers fan at all! I’m really getting tired of having to explain why players are picked. But I will continue to do so, since some of you have no idea.


GMFB TURTLENECK DRAFT: Brandt Has Najee Harris Going To Pittsburgh

On Monday Good Morning Football held their Turtleneck Draft on the NFL Network, where the host went around the table drafting their picks for all 32 teams in the first round. And when the 24th pick came up, host Kyle Brandt chose Alabama running back, Najee Harris.

It’s a fact the the offensive line should not and most likely will not be the Pittsburgh Steelers top priority, due to how deep the OL position is in this year’s draft. The RB position on the other hand is slim pickings, and Harris is one player coach Mike Tomlin and GM Kevin Colbert have their eye on.

“A cool-ass Zoom call — I met [them] in-person and on Zoom — was the Steelers, for sure,” Alabama running back Harris told ESPN’s reporter Adam Schefter on his podcast. “They had their whole staff there — the GM, the defensive staff, they had everybody there.”

Seems to me that is showing a lot of interest, having the entire staff..including from the defensive side there to talk with one single draft prospect. And clearly, Harris views the Steelers as a team that is interested in drafting him. #HereWeGo

Vegas Is Tripping Predicting Steelers With Only Nine Wins

Look..I get it. The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most hated on franchises in the National Football League. Why? Because they do things the right way, something at least 75% of these organizations just can’t comprehend.

Along with them you have “know-nothing” media personalities like Fox Sports leading man, Colin Cowherd stirring the pot. The same Cowherd who predicted the Steelers as going 7-9 last season. But now it looks as though that Las Vegas wants to jump on the “Hater Train” for some strange reason.

Vegas Sports book aficionado, William Hill did the unthinkable, setting the over/under for every team in the NFL. Placing Pittsburgh as coming out with just nine(9) wins, in a now seventeen(17) game season. Something myself..and ESPN’s trash talker and fellow Steelers fan, Stephen A. Smith finds hard to so eloquently stated in the video below.

Is he wrong? Better yet, am I wrong? Other than the Vegas Book prediction last year where they bottomed out. Predicting a 9-7 record which they clearly surpassed, finishing 12-4. But like my Pops used to tell me..”Guido isn’t right all the time.” Which is probably why my pops is a millionaire, and those who go with the grain are jumping off buildings.

Listen, the Steelers are bringing back the same “Top Ranked” defense minus a couple of SNL Players. But the also had the tenacity to bring back Big Time Players like Tyson AluAlu, and Vince Willaiams. But yet Colin seems to think our organization is fading. Really? Than why are players returning for less money?

Long story short, anyone who believes that the Pittsburgh Steelers will have nine(9) or even less wins this season, bet the farm. Because I would love moving that farm to of charge! #HereWeGo


I have already stated since before the 2020 NFL season came to an end, that Alabama running back, Najee Harris should be the Pittsburgh Steelers first round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. And although a plethora of analysts believe it will never happen, two members of the Triple Take Team on the Steelers Radio Network have my back.

Please keep in mind that the opinions of these Steelers Radio Network Personalities do not reflect the views of the Steelers organization, nor Steelers World 1.

MATT WILLIAMSON’S PICK: Najee Harris, RB, Alabama

Analysis: “The Steelers couldn’t count on their running game last year. Why not add the best back in the draft, and a guy that fits Pittsburgh extremely well?”

Harris definitely would fit the Steelers scheme of things, a running back with the speed of Willie Parker and the IQ of a Jerome Bettis. Let alone the vision of one former Steelers RB I dare not mention.

DALE LOLLEY’S PICK: Najee Harris, RB, Alabama

Analysis: “The best running back in the draft. The early run on offensive tackles, takes that position off the board.”

Lolley’s point is, there are a ton of offensive lineman entering in this year’s draft. A ton of talented linemen with plenty of room to nurture and grow. Running backs come out of college with that killer instinct you don’t find in many. So why let a gem pass you by when the opportunity is there?

MIKE PRISUTA’S PICK: Teven Jenkins, OT, Oklahoma State

Analysis: “He’s a man, 6-foot-6, 320 pounds.”

Really Mike? Is that your argument? That he is 6-foot-6 and 320? Do you know how many offensive lineman coming out of the college ranks are 6-foot-6, 320 pounds? Basically all of them! (By the way, Teven Jenkins is no relationship to me).


STEELERS WORLD 1’S PICK: Najee Harris, RB, Alabama

Analysis: “Seriously, what could be better for the Steelers to draft Harris, then pick up Adrian Peterson at the veteran minimum? You always need a mentor in all positions on the field. Something Pittsburgh was without in the backfield last season.”

Am I wrong? From Jerome Bettis to Willie Parker. Hines Ward to Antonio Brown. Tommy Maddox to Ben Roethlisberger. There has always been a veteran to show the the youngsters the ropes. So look for A.P. mentoring Harris this season for the Steelers. Mark my words. #HereWeGo