STEELERS WORLD 1: F*** Le’Veon Bell..And Those Who Want Him Back

Photo courtesy of the New York Post

Look, I can say it because I can..”FUCK LE’VEON BELL..AND ANYONE WHO RIDES WITH HIM!” Because as much as you clueless Pittsburgh Steelers want it, he will never be a part of the organization again. Now what?

Sick of this sucker’s moods and his funky ass attitudes, because he ruined his career on his own. First he downtalked the Pittsburgh Steelers organization (the team the put him on like a newly found record label), to ripping Andy Reid..the coach that took a chance on his sorry ass after Bell left the New York Jets.

“I’ll never play for Andy Reid again,” the Bell wrote on an Instagram response “I’d retire first.”

Le’Veon, it is not the Steelers fault because you went to NY for “LESS” money..claiming you wanted more. It was because the locker room was sick and tired of your antics.

It wasn’t because Jets head coach, Adam Gase didn’t like you, it’s how little that you brought to the table. With your injury prone self. Not to mention you ruined your own Hall of Fame career by your arrogance. And Ben Roethlisberger definitely does not miss you, who made you who are and will be headed to Canton.

But then..even after all that, you still want to claim you would rather jump on the Retirement Train than play for Reid..the third HC to give you a chance. And with that I say..”BRUH, YOU NEED SOME HELP!”

What team in their right mind would want to sign you to any kind of a contract? Maybe in the CFL but definitely not in the National Football League. You know why? Because you are an utter and complete mess, plus a major distraction.

So I suggest you just sit on your soon to be repossessed couch, watch the NFL prosper without you and smoke that Hippie Lettuce you love so much. Because nobody wants you, especially us TRUE STEELERS FANS who know you are garbage. #HereWeGo