Former LT Villanueva Was Classless For Blasting Steelers

Former Pittsburgh Steelers left tackle, Alejandro Villanueva did something no veteran athlete..let alone military veteran should ever do. Something as a Marine Corps veteran myself, as well as a Steelers fan is definitely disgusted by.

When asked during a Baltimore Ravens press conference about the Ravens running style, Villanueva took this cheap shot at Pittsburgh wide receiver, JuJu Smith-Schuster.

“I’m assuming it’s not as much fun for the receivers because they’re not getting all of the catches, they’re making the TikToks and and they’re having fun on their social media.”

Let’s keep in mind that JuJu was having fun on his social media..”AFTER THE GAME”..something that a 22 year old kid is allowed to do. But does it take away from Big Al enjoying the fruits of a Smith-Schuster touchdown? The picture below definitely says otherwise.

Alejandro didn’t stop there, he also went on to rip former fellow offensive lineman(guard), David DeCastro.

“I’m sure Kevin Zeitler will be an upgrade,” Villanueva said.

Are you freaking kidding me? Kevin Zeitler? An upgrade from a proverbial Hall of Fame guard, David DeCastro? Big Al really must be smoking some special stuff to make a ridiculous comment like that.

Steelers tackle, Zach Banner even took offense to Villanueva’s remarks posting this tweet shortly after his press conference.

Long story short..rather all in fun or being serious, these things should have never been said about the players and the team that took a chance on Villanueva. Looking forward to moving over to the right tackle position, and taking on a one T.J. Watt twice a year. #HereWeGo

LOYALTY OVER MONEY: Smith-Schuster Staying In Pittsburgh

Photo courtesy of The Spun

People didn’t believe me. They swore up and down that the Pittsburgh Steelers and wide receiver, JuJu Smith-Schuster would be parting ways. Oh, how wrong they were.

Smith-Schuster may have taken a major pay cut, signing a one-year, $8 million contract, but that proves that Pittsburgh is his home. Signing a one year deal just solidified a big contract for JuJu next season with the Steelers.

To some players it’s all about money, very few have loyalty anymore. Smith-Schuster just showed them all what loyalty is all about.

Oh, and how is this for “Jumpin The Gun?” The Baltimore Ravens already had JuJu ‘suited and booted’ to join their roster.

Baltimore Ravens Jumping The Gun on JuJu

Absolutely Love It! Happy to see that there are a few good ones left. #HereWeGo