Pacman Jones Would Have Loved To Have Been A Steeler? GTFOH!

Bitch Ass Pacman crying after Playoff loss vs. Steelers

Now this is HILARIOUS! Former Tennessee Titan and Cincinnati Bengals cornerback, Adam “Pacman” Jones went on a recent episode of “I AM ATHLETE” podcast and said that he “always had respect for Mike Tomlin and the Steelers.” Now if you never heard or watched the podcast, be sure to check it out on YouTube.

“My mentally and the way I carry myself is a Pittsburgh type of guy,” Pacman said when asked what other North team he wishes he played for. “And that’s honest. And Coach Tomlin came from a long line of coaches that I had the chance to play for in West Virginia. But that tough grit, you know what I mean? Glass-eater, you know? Play hard. Bring two chin straps, I think that’s the Pittsburgh culture, man, so I had to be honest with that.”

Ok, let’s really be honest Adam “PUSSMAN” Jones. Do you remember what you said to Pittsburgh fans when your Cincinnati Bengals had the Luck of the Irish to FINALLY make it to the Super Bowl last season? No? Well let me remind you.


“We don’t want none of the Pittsburgh fans jumping on the bandwagon.”

Do you remember saying Flip Flopper? Now that your crappy ass Bengals have went 0-3 in every Super Bowl..(none of which you participated in) want to profess your desire to have played in the Black & Gold? GTFOH!

We never wanted you..nor never thought about obtaining you, so miss us with that Bullshit! You are and always have been a mediocre player in the league. #HereWeGo